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I am pissed off at jdownloader and facemoods

I Hate Both JDownloader and Facemoods

Today, I’ve installed my ex-favorite free downloader program called “JDownloader” (yet another slow java application) to my CLEAN, WELL-CONFIGURED, NEWLY-FORMATTED PC.

And what happened next?

With this facemoods adware which comes with jdownloader installer, it totally screw my browsers. (I mean it shit on my all 3 clean browsers: firefox, chrome and ie)
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WordPress WPML Plugin Horizontal Language Switcher On Header

Hello, in this article I will show you how to turn vertical language switcher into horizontal language switcher and put it into the somewhere on the template. (Look at the picture below)

Before and After CSS Patch

Before and After CSS Patch

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Age Of Empires II (The Conquerors) Worker-Paladin Theory

First of all,
I am not a professional “AEO” player, so I founded this theory for myself and players like me.
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