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The End?

My thoughts are severely complicated,
As my heart is about to be suffocated,
Poor, weak, hurt, and disappointed,
Neither you see nor can I tell,
Resigned and defeated in the hell.

Every end is a new beginning,
In my mind, the past events are spinning,
Memories are hurtful and disappointing,
Neither you listen nor can I explain well,
Left and abandoned but still under your spell.

Looking for the words to relieve my pain,
As I am trying hard to keep my mind sane,
You already moved on and ready to sail,
Oh God, remove the curse making me fail,
I do not want to end up in hell.

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My Dream

Have you ever been afraid of being so happy?
So happy that you never thought that you would be
Always thought that maybe others but not me
Until I met a girl named Mary
An angel far away from my city
She has the seed of a beautiful tree
Just needs a better soil, weather and care,
So that it can grow with all its beauty.

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Malignant Ghost

These days I often play live-chess against several,
Every move he makes on the board is clearly visible,
Frankness of the moves may look sincere and benign,
However, I am rather concerned with what is invisible,
It’s his next move and it can be really malign.

I have a friend who once said that she was a queen,
She only hears my voice and sees my reflection on the screen,
Since she cannot touch me, she thinks that I am a malignant ghost,
I might be malignant, but I try to be your best dost(*),
When you come here to see me, I will be a benignant host.

Yigit Haciefendioglu, Feb 26 Sat, 2012

Note: “Dost” means “friend” in Turkish.

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Joyous Life with A True Friend

Joyous Life with A True Friend

You are the joy which shows up at the end of my day,
I am your toy which cheers you up when you need care,
You and I are both miserable without a true friend,
You will meet him and I will meet her,
When the truth becomes what we intend.

Yigit Haciefendioglu, Feb 16 Thu, 2012

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