This post is dedicated to Norma JONES from Texas, Houston

I know you will know that it’s you I am talking about when you read this post if you are still alive and healthy enough to understand my english. (and I sincerely hope you are 🙂 )

I used to talk to you or chat with you when I was in highschool. (I was about 16 and you were 40 when we first met on the internet). Your name was Norma JONES and married with Bruce (I think i remember right, because at that time I thought your husband’s name also belong to an actor: Bruce Willis. Whatever..

You were one of the Jehova’s Witnesses, and we were having discussions on religious matters. (You always told me that my english was better than the average american people but i know that my english sucked those times 🙂 ) Not so good at the moment either 🙂

I am writing these lines because I missed talking to you.. And I am writing these lines because you may want to contact me through contact section of my website. I am giving some of your personal info here because I want you to be sure that you are the one I am talking about..


  1. I am 23 now (08\27\2010) and you should be about 46.
  2. My name is Yigit. I am from Turkey..
  3. Your husband were trying to become a maths teacher.
  4. You were living in Texas, Houston.
  5. You were one of the Jehova’s Witnesses and go to the doors of the people, ring the bells, and telling about your ideas..
  6. As far as I can remember, your husband’s name was Bruce.
  7. You had no children.
  8. You had a dog which is living with you at home.
  9. You were wearing ankle bracelet.. (By the way, woww, I have always complaint about my memory and now I doubt that 🙂 )
  10. The interesting thing is I never saw you or your picture although we had talked on the internet for a long time.

I think these 10 facts will be sufficient to refresh your memories. Since I believe that it’s sufficient, I stop here..

If you want one more thing to hear about old times.. once I told you that you should write a book named:

“The NORMs of the Intelligence by NORMa Jones”, and you agreed. Woww, what a sense of humor 🙂

Hope to hear back from you really soon,

Yigit Haciefendioglu

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